There will be improvements SNZB-06P

There are certain shortcomings in this device, it detects false positives, in my case it detects the neighbors upstairs, it sees behind the walls and it also even sees behind the device itself. I think they had to improve the firmware to lower the sensitivity of the device, it creates many more problems than it could have solved. I only have one option left and that is to use SNZB-03 to work in parallel to do a good home automation of the bathroom lights.

I have a microwave sensor in my bathroom. It is an even worse frequency. Try some Tin Kitchen Foil. I made my bathroom light much better by gluing tin foil blinders to the sensor. Now it only looks downward.

I have put aluminum foil and I have not achieved anything, they have to improve the firmware to be able to lower the sensitivity a little more.

I’m a bit surprised, but I guess we know metal absorbs microwaves. I bet there is something simple that absorbs that frequency. Is it 5GHZ? Maybe a google search would establish what material absorbs that frequency.

Thanks. I didn’t think of paint. The 5l pot that comes up is scarily expensive but there is a 4x250ml trial pack that is about €20. That seems more realistic. Black unfortunately though so hard to paint over.

There are also various Faraday fabrics, foils and foam mats for suppressing waves available on the market. But it’s probably not cheap.

It’s a pity there is only one frequency

I have a 24g one of these and it’s better than the usual ones.
I have three types that predate the Sonoff one and the 24GHz one is the best. Also in Zigbee2MQTT (it doesn’t connect to iHost) the sensitivity can be adjusted. iHost can connect to one of the three, but two of them I think are similar frequency to the Sonoff one, so not that useful.

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The 24ghz ones are better, they have greater speed and less propagation rate of the slingshot. I have seen the ones you mention but I don’t use MQTT, and I don’t know if they will be compatible with ihost zegbee 3.0.

The price of the paint is excessive for the advantages that the sensor can give me, in addition it also influences the WiFi and can attenuate the signal. I don’t have everything with zigbee, I also have wifi circuit breakers, the pow R3, NSpanel, etc…

I am going to choose to choose the SNZB-03 for detecting and turning on and the SNZB-06P for turning off if it does not detect people in the rooms.

Apparently Aqara FP2 (60-64 GHz) is years ahead of Sonoff in terms of configuration… but it also costs appropriately.

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If you’re willing to DIY a bit then you can buy much better sensors;

When I did this I used the ESP 32 C3 they sell and it’s wifi, but the newer chips are Zigbee/Thread compatible so I wouldn’t be surprised if Zigbee became possible. I actually asked if eWeLink could allow a DIY Zigbee mode on the iHost here ages ago.


The FP2 is not compatible with ihost, since it does not appear in the list of Zigbee2CUBE compatible modules

If it is compatible, don’t forget to tell me, greetings and thank you…