Temperature as a trigger for repeating the action

Please help to create a scene. If the temperature is higher than 30 celsius, then turn on the fan for 30 seconds, turn it off and wait 10 minutes, and repeat the action until the temperature drops to 28 celsius

Hi there, I’m a bit confused about your scenario. When the temperature is lower than 30 celsius, no action will be executed. Why do you still need to set a condition like the temp is lower than 28 celsius?

We do have a reference for you:

Temperature is higher than 30 celsius

Turn on the Fan
Delay for 30 sec
Turn off the Fan
Delay for 10 min
Turn on the Fan

The idea is that the action must be repeated until the condition of 28 degrees Celsius is met. I need that operation in the GreenHaus… for cooling… the fan is one device and the sprinklers another device… The problem is the water, it needs to be reduced to 10 sec and wait 10 min and repeat that… too much water is not good for plants… Thank you…

I think you can do it with other two scenes, besides Petergogo’s:

If temp lower or equal with 28 celsius
Then disable Petergogo’s scene and fan swich off.

If temp higher or equal wifh 29.5 celsius
Then enable Petergogo’s scene

the problem is the trigger, I have to set the cooling already at a temperature of 20 and the trigger starts the scene. but when the scene is executed there is no checking what the temperature is, if by any chance it is below 20 the trigger will start the scene again… but the sun is merciless and the temperature slowly rises… and the scene is inactive until the temperature drops below 20… Whatever it would be ideal if, after the execution of the scene, there would be a check of the temperature… For now, I solve the problem by creating scenes for several temperature levels… 20, 22, 24, 26…

I see, I thought you have only one period of cooling!