Switchman r5 and new basicr4

i am trying to pair between basicr4 and switchmanr5
when i create a scene of click button and action reverse but i cannot turn on or off the light. because it depend the power-on-state option in the basicr4 setting. ( which is either always on or always off or last state)

i can only turn on or off the light only if i create individual button scene for on and off.

is there anyway to create a scene for acting like toggle switch. or maybe basicr4 need reverse option for power-on-state setting.

With BASICR4 it is more complicated due to the Magic Switch function present.
Use Reverse mode. It works exactly like Toggle.

ya. i used reverse mode but i cannot either turn on or turn off because it depend on the power-on-state of basic r4.

if i set power on state to on, i cannot toggle turn off,

Wow! Must be another magic of the Magic Switch. Place a ticket. Maybe support will come out with something substantial.