Sonoff iFan - no "reverse" logic for the light control in scene actions

Hi there,

I just got a RF bridge and RM433 to control multiple devices in a room… For the other sonoff touch devices, I can choose to set the device on, off, or reverse its current state… Reverse is handy since you can use 1 button to switch something on and off, not needing to waste 2 buttons for this option…

Can we please get “reverse” logic for the iFan switch (and any device that has on / off functionality)

(I specifically got this to control the fan + 3ch switch - so I need 4 buttons for the fan (low, med, high, off), and then need 3 buttons for the “reverse” logic for the sonoff touch 3ch, and then that leaves me with 1 button for the fan light… without the reverse function I would need 2…)

Thank you