Power Up: TOGGLE function

For the function “Power Up” on the Sonoff Basic devices you have 3 choices: On, Off and last State.
A very useful additional function would be the function “Toggle”. Then you can use the normal power Wall-Switch additional to control the Sonoff switch.
In my case I have an outdoor light and build in a Sonoff Basic device. Indoor I have a Wall-Switch to power the outdoor light. To control the Sonoff device the Wall-Switch must always switch in the “on” position.
With the new “Toggle” function I can controll the Lights additional with the Wall-Switch.
Wall-Switch 2 - 3 seconds off and then switch on.
Thank you.

Firstly, you’re clearly confusing Power-on State with power state in the scene settings or something else. Have you thought about the purpose of the Power-on State function? Most likely not very much. The “toggle” option in Power-on State would be one of the more stupid and completely useless ones :zzz:

Read: Power-up not Power-on !!!

That doesn’t make any sense either.

You don’t understand the idea.

Would you please indulge me explaining?

Outdoor light is out at 23:00. But there was a nice movie on tv. After a have to go out with my dog. The outdoor light is off. Now I have to take my phone and start eWelink, search for the right device and turn it on.
But a simple way is: near my frontdoor a have the wall-switch (mechanical). Switch off, wait 2 -3 seconds and switch on. Tataa lights are going on. No need/search for you phone or laptop to switch on/off lights. You come home,wallswitch off, lights go off, wait 2-3 seconds, wall-switch on and lights stays out. At this way you can controll very simple the device/light without a phone, laptop or internet. !!!
have a nice day

You call it simple? Very complicated! Why don’t you use a smart switch near your front door? No waiting, no switching on and off, no toggling.

to the wall switch Connect the mini R4 and set an intelligent scene to control the lighting depending on the status of the mini R4

Damn right! :grin:

  1. Implement the toggle-function in the software is very easy. Because the software is knowing the last state. Ok, you have to make an update worldwide.
  2. Using a smartswitch is a nice solution. But I use a combination of 2 switches installation underneath each other. For this combination are 2 boxes in a stone wall. There is no room for a mini R4.
  3. At this moment I use the state “on” after power up. When I go to bed I push all the sonoff device off with a smart switch in a scene. Otherwise the timer from the outdoor light switch off at 0:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00. In worstcase the lights stay on for 1 hour. LED 1.6 Watt. No problem.
  4. I think the toggle-function stays a usefully function.

Hmm, there’s no point in discussing tastes and preferences…

But do you really use your phone/laptop to turn the light ON/OFF?

Buy yourself an RF433 or zigbee remote control, stick it on the wall or next to your keys. Create a scene that will react to a specific button and turn the lights ON/OFF.

I use Sonoff T2EU3C-RF and Moes YK2128…

A simple solution, indeed!