Switch on/off device shelly using webhook

I would like to switch on/off a shelly 2pm plus device using webhook option. I have seen that there was a discussion in the past in which one user ask support for this.

eweLink Webhook to use in Shelly 1, but https not supported - Free discussion - eWeLink Forum

Anyone know how to solve?
Thank you

don’t know about the eWeLink web but I’m pretty sure Bode Red can do https either from the build in http node or from an added one. You can certainly access the flow designer using https and I can’t see why it could do that but not webhooks. Node Red runs on both iHost and (NSP Pro I think: don’t have one). You could also create a virtual device in Node Red and use it to recreate the Shelly device on your homepage.

Alternatively I’m pretty sure Shelly devices can switch from cloud based to MQTT controlled and you’d bypass the need for https altogether. But it’d need a Sonoff device that can do MQTT (so iHost and NSP pro again). Maybe the eWeLink advanced plan could in the future allow MQTT as not all MQTT needs to be local, although then you’d need to expose your MQTT broker to the outside world.

You can try to create a proxy cross for the webhook…

Use https://sequematic.com for this.

As a trigger, you set a webhook that will look something like this https://sequematic.com/trigger-custom-webhook/xxxxxx/xxxxx

Then you add a webhook from ewelink as an action.

On the shelly side you add http://sequematic.com/trigger-custom-webhook/xxxxxx/xxxxx

There is a chance that the sequematic will usually handle forced http, even though it normally creates the webhook as https.

So the logic of operation will be as follows.

Shelly makes a webhook call to sequematic.com, which initiates a webhook call to ewelink cloud(GET, JSON), which initiates the appropriate device/scene action.

Or another approach… instead of using ewelink webhook you can use sonoff device directly.

Sequematic allows you to pair your ewelink account(Linked services) and then you can use Sonoff devices as an action.

So shelly makes an http webhook call to Sequematic and Sequematic immediately controls your sonoff device, which is added to your ewelink account.

At least that’s how it should be understood from that other thread… Your question, however, is not very clear.