Suggestions on eWeLink CAST iFrame/Room Organization

1 - Please, there is the possibility of placing more than 5 iframes per room, in this case at least 12. I like to put images of the devices and it looks cooler, creating images with text or bars, according to the photo.

2 - Another suggestion, scroll through the rooms by dragging them to the side instead of going back to the home page.


Thx for your suggestions!

As of the room managements, it was under consideration. The current multiple panel was designed for different layouts not just for different rooms.

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Sorry but please help me to understand this case more,
Do you mean that each image is actually a device? Is it because the current tiles aren’t very nice and cool?

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Or someone would like to add more than five YouTube videos… :slight_smile:

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These photos are just an example, I would place photos of my environment next to each button, for example I would take a photo of the place where I have a lamp and place it next to the button

They are not videos, they are images to identify the equipment in each environment. I do not use videos.

I know, I understand you from the beginning… it was a loose example. :slight_smile:

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Have you tried to do it with a smaller number of files, but large ones containing several photos vertically or in a row? Then you can still place buttons next to it. All you need to do is choose the appropriate dimensions of the photo and the arrangement of options on it.

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Trying friend
I think I’ll do as you said

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friend, it will be much cooler and more convenient to use a house map for identification and location of devices in rooms as in smart things

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very cool.
Do you also use ewelink web and cast?

web cast, I only use it on my phone. because the app cast on the phone does not work. On the tablet I use app cast. And I faced the same problem as you. There are a lot of devices and distributing them among rooms is extremely inconvenient. It’s easier to put them on one page, but due to the large number of devices, it’s not possible to quickly find what you need. Share your solution to the problem when everyone is in the mood.

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Thank you for the guidance and help, I will use the house plan.

I assume that you misunderstood me and the fault is that I am writing through a translator. This plan is taken from the smart things app. They implemented this feature, unlike ewelink. I think this can be done through home assistant, but I don’t understand anything about it. I can only wait for the ewelink developers to implement such an update.

cool, I’ll download smart things