eWelink Cast - only 5 (five) Cast Allowed?


Only 5 dashboards are allowed to build?

If yes, why?

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However, I still would like to know why such limitation.


I’d guess the Web limitation to 5 is something todo with keeping their storage servers small but it make no sense at all to me that the 5 limit even exists on the iHost where all the storage is done locally.

With the web there is atleast the option to use the eWeLink phone app too, but the iHost is impossible to use with a phone, hence dashboards are really really necessary.

Maybe there is some sort of phone screen that is so small it can only display 5, but then why isn’t it an even number…

I hope that someone from the team will explain. The other thing I think they will do for more than 5 boards is to move to a higher plan.

There’s no plan at all if the iHost (and I think NS Panel Pro) serves them, but there is still a limit of 5. It’d be nice to know why they picked that number.

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In next month’s version, the number of CAST dashboards on iHost will be expanded to 10.
For the cloud CAST (web), we will evaluate this requirement.

Please have you checked this limit of 5