SPM support in iHost

Are there any plans to add SPM to iHost?

There’s no answer…
Then I’ll add some more questions:

  1. Is it planned to support SPM in iHost?
  2. Will there be support for NSPanel Pro in Node-Red, at least for the doorbell?
  3. Is it planned to transfer energy consumption readings from SPM, POWR3, POWR316D|20D, DUALR3 to iHost and Node-Red


  1. SPM is in the plan, will be supported in the future version.
  2. Can you describe in detail? the node-red-ewelink-cube platte supports NSPanel Pro.
  3. we’ll consider adding related feature, how will you use this please?


  1. I’m really looking forward to this opportunity.
  2. Node-red-ewelink-cube does not support NSPanel Pro itself. Node-Red has a separate iHost, where you can use alarm functions, play built-in sounds, etc. I would like to have access to these features of NSPanel Pro. For example, ring a doorbell, turn on an alarm, etc. when using Node-Red.
  3. Use energy consumption readings in many places possible…

I just want to say my opinion regarding SPM. It was so stupid solution to make it working with one phase only. Most customers (especially commercial customers to whom this product was initially dedicated) have a three phase utility grid input. Because of large dimensions and requirement to use 3 x SPM-Main this solution can’t be used in most of the main junction boxes. Unless this product is only for very large companies. But personally, I don’t believe that large companies are buying Sonoff products.