SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro does not allow more than 10 thermostats in total

Does anyone know how to fix this? I bought specifically a gateway that is supposed to connect up to 128 devices but connects me only with 10 thermostats and I bought 20 of them and I would like them to work and connect to the gateway.
please help me what to do or buy to make it work.

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I had the exact same issue when I first tried to pair more than 10 sensors with my Zigbee Bridge Pro. I was using Sonoff motion sensors (SNZB-03), Sonoff Door/Window Sensors(SNZB-04), Sonoff Temperature and Humidity Sensors(SNZB-02) and Sonoff wireless switches(SNZB-01).

After talking to Sonoff support they said “ZB Bridge-P can connect 26 sub-devices directly (10 end devices + 16 routers, or 26 routers). If you want to connect to 128 sub-devices, routers are required, and one router-device can expand to connect 20-32 sub-devices.”

They explained that this meant the Sonoff Bridge Pro can only support 10 sensors(end devices) if no router devices are added. If you need to add additional sensors you need to add some routers too.

Sonoff support gave me this list, but it might have changed since I had this issue.

SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro can work with the devices below:
Router: ZBMINI smart switch,S40 Lite ZB smart plug, S31 Lite ZB smart plug, S26R2ZB smart plug
End Device: ZBMINI-L smart switch, SNZB-01 switch, SNZB-02 Temp. and Hum. sensor, SNZB-03 motion sensor, SNZB-04 door/window sensor.

After adding 2 zigbee plugs which act as routers I was able to add 19 end devices to the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Pro. I never did figure out how many additional end devices each additional router device will allow the bridge to support though.


I’ve run into the same issue. Did you need to do anything special to add devices after you added the 2 zigbee plugs or just pair them as usual?

I just paired the zigbee plugs as usual and then had no trouble pairing the additional end devices as usual.

Before adding the zigbee plugs to the bridge the pairing process would never detect the end device to pair. After adding the zigbee plugs the end device appeared during the pairing process after just a few seconds.

Cheapest way to expand a Zigbee network that works with the iHost and Bridge Pro are the Aubess zigbee mini switches. I’ve connected them both to my iHost and to my brother’s Zigbee Bridge Pro.
They’re designed really to go behind light switches but if you’ve got somewhere safe you can hide one it makes more sense than plug someone might move or unpower.
Whenever I check the Sonoff Zigbee basic are out of stock.

Really a pity this limit of 10 end devices (in case of no extra routers) was/is not clearly communicated.
I spent days trying to connect 15 devices, even replaced 5 of them.
Finally solved it by buying a extra bridge…