Sonoff ZBmini R2 timer failure

Good evening.

Maybe someone faced the same issue before…I have a Sonoff ZBmini R2 intended to control my lights outside. I set an On-Off timer with everyday frequency as you can see in the picture below.

Unfortunately I noticed that sometimes it stops working and I have to reset the timer to make it work again. Checking the logs can be seen that the timer actually works but 1 second later the status changes back by itself.

I believe that this happens mostly after a power outage occurs but not sure if limited to this kind of occurrence.

Can you please let me know your thoughts?


This is strange, it doesn’t even respond to the inclusion which is set for 20:15
You may have turned on the sleep timer. Best to reset the device.

Sorry, wrong picture. The actual set On-time was 21:45. Already edit the post.

If you see the log for instance on the 10th September, you see a On trigger at 21:45:01 but 1 second later a Off trigger just by no reason!

did you also look at the self-shutdown setting?

Aren’t we overloading the relay?