Sonoff RF Bridge - Multiple remotes for one scene

I have several RF remotes configured on a single RF bridge and would like to create a scene that permits several remotes to control a smart device. Appears I can only add one remote from the RF Bridge to a scene. Does this mean I need to create the same scene multiple times for each remote? Is there a way to copy a scene? There has to be a more elegant way to do this. I appreciate any guidance.


I encountered the same isue and till now for me the only solution was to create diferent scenes for different remote controls or diferent sensors added to the same RF bridge. A partial solution for me was to use more then one RF bridge.

Thanks for the feedback mezeibela63. I also created multiple scenes to handle different remotes on the same RF bridge device - sucks, but couldn’t figure out another way. Would be nice if we could copy and paste scenes to reduce the steps.

The solution is at developers not at users.