Sonoff multiple device pairing


I purchased 3 sonoff D1 dimmers and 3 seperate remotes for individual rooms.
How do I go about pairing just one remote to one d1 and not have the other interfear?

What happens now is that each remote will automatically pair to all D1’s at the same time.

How about turning off the other two D1 when you synchronize the first, then turn it off and turn on the second and so on.

Yeah that’s what I went for now indeed.
Once it’s synced to a remote does it not sync again?

Or should it be:
2 off only 1 on at all times?

And secondary, by resetting them do you not get the ghost switching?
We had it now due to load shedding, but finally got the solar in so that should no longer be the case.

Maybe I should have continued in the previous post that the suggestion was only for synchronization, for normal opetation all devices must be turned on.
As I now, from devices user manual, a Sonoff RF device can be synchronized with 14 different remote controls.
I think if you proceed as I suggested you don’t have ghost devices. The device reset procedure deletes, the hole list of remote controls previous syonchronized