Iwatch, only single switches

Why can I only put my single light switches on the watch and not doubles or triple switches ?

At present, only single-channel devices and groups, manual scenes can be synchronized to iWatch. The synchronization of multi-channel devices is still being arranged.

Hello, any update about multi switches??

  • 2-gang devices
  • 3-gang devices
  • 4-gang devices
  • none of my request

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let’s place a poll to see how many users have the same request :man_technologist:

Lots of to-do on the list :joy:

I an another user that would like to use apple watch with 2 or more channel devices ! Please fix it thanks

We hear the voice, have put it on the request list, need time to go deeper.

Hello, can we have how much time you need for this update?

May I know your device model?

My Apple Watch is a 7gen and the Sonoff is a dualR3. Also I mean the update on the app eWeLink to use 2 chanels from the watch.