Challenge with Sonoff D1 dimmer

Hi Guys,

I have a challenge with my Sonoff D1 dimmer.

It turns on completely randomly, both during the day and at night. My D1 Dimmer is not included in any automatic scenes. I just turn it on manually.

Do someone have any ideas to help? And do anyone have the same challenge?

I don’t really know how to help you… reset the device?

Recently, several people had problems with random behavior, but it was with 4CHR3, not D1. The only common denominator here is RF 433Mhz… which was probably the problem for these people.

I can only speculate that something strange has been happening recently with some Sonoff devices that have RF 433mhz. Maybe some bug in FW or ewelink… or finally fix rf codes are starting to be problematic.

But in your case it may be something completely different.

Thanks for reply.

There is no remote control connected to the D1 Dimmer.
It is all controlled by the Ewelink App.
I will try to reset.

The problem that others had with the 433 was related to ghost transmission, they themselves did not have a remote added and the device still responded to someone else’s transmission.
Unfortunately, Sonoff uses fixed codes in RF 433, as a result there is always a chance that something nearby generates exactly the same codes that affect the behavior of the device.

RF 433Mhz with fixed codes is very easy to eavesdrop and transmit identical codes and possibly influence other people’s devices. Sometimes it is just an unfortunate coincidence and sometimes it may be intentional.

The code scheme that Sonoff uses is nothing special and mysterious, you can find them online.

Of course, I’m not saying this is your case. :slight_smile:

Hi ,

I think there should be an option to turn off the RF433MHz function of the D1