Because the Sonoff iFan 04 does not have inching settings and push notifications in the app it could be useful if by chance it gets activated due to an external RF pulse. Thank you

Hi there, thanks for suggestion.
For inching feature, loops in @Daniel_Zhan
As for “push notification” issue, may i ask your phone’s model and OS version? download our APP from GooglePlay is highly recommended, from 3P channels downloading may influencing the push function.

I have a Samsung s8 the system is Android 9. I have 42 sonoff devices in the house, of all types and the push function works on all of them, one channel, 2 or 4, etc. It is very useful for me to know immediately through the sound alert the change of the status of the single sonoff when I am away from home without constantly looking at the mobile phone. Sometimes I also use IFTTT to view the status having an advanced account. Thanks a greeting.

Would you please share with us about application scenarios of ifan04 with inching settings?
We will further evaluate your request and description.