I was curious about the Wi-Fi signal strength of my devices, as I had some problems - I already solved it.

However, I noticed that if I only use the devices in LAN mode (all enabled), some of them refuse to provide RSSI data, interestingly, if I enable CLOUD mode, the missing data comes…

The same is true for the INCHING and INCHING DURATION setting options as well as for turning the LED on and off.

My goal would be to create an independent, stable and secure local control (Thin Client + HAOS) and it would be nice to see this data as well as use INCHING.

Devices used: THR316 and THR316D, MINI, RFR2, RFR3.

Could it be fixed in a future update?


Generally, device will broadcast RSSI via mDNS when connected to WIFI and LAN mode should not have different, would you please let me know the device ID which have the issue you mentioned? more info will be appreciated.

Local (LAN) mode

Working with firmware team to see what’s going on, our college will reach back once we have clue or more info may needed. @Teki

Are you using the component SonoffLAN by AlexxIT ?


Hi, just checked with the dev-team, indeed some devices do not broadcast RSSI while on the LAN (without internet), which may be modified subsequently, but given the low impact on users, it may be a lower priority.
thank you for the feedback.

Ok and thank you…

In the meantime, I logged the WiFi signal strength, so it’s quite exciting.
The channel used is free, there is no one nearby, the distance for the Mini and THR316 is approx. 8 meters with a clear unobstructed line of sight, and for the THR316D it is approx. 6 meters with a clear line of sight.
The router is a CH7465VF, only 2.4 GHz enabled, no guest network, no SSID hidden…
The curve reminds me of a dying heart patient…