Sonoff DUAL R3 ‘Switch’ mode

Hi, is there any possibility to setup the Dual R3 device so that I can switch the device on or off and at the same time that I can use the power meter.
When I set the ‘Working Mode’ to ‘Switch’, I see the ‘Consumption’ icon on the control screen. However, no consumption is recorded.
When I set the ‘Working Mode’ to ‘Meter’ the consumption is recorded but I don’t have the option to switch off the device.

I think the ‘Switch’ mode have the power monitoring feature, but @Daniel_Zhan would you please confirm that?

@rudi How long have you tested for the switch mode? it should be at least half an hour.

Thank you for your reply Daniel. I disconnected the power for a couple of minutes, after reconnection the device is working normal. It now keeps the history.

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