Can I get hourly consumption data for the POWR3 switch?

I just got a POWR3 switch. It shows consumption on a daily basis, but I would like hourly basis.

Is there a way for me to get this data? Is there an API that I can use to pull down the data, or other ways to access the data?

Worst case scenario would be to each hour pull down the consumption today(which I can see in the eWeLink app) and subtract from last hour to get consumption over the previous hour.

Unfortunately, the hardware capability limits the possibility to get hourly consumption data. Only daily data collection is supported for this model.
FYI, you can get hourly consumption data from POW Elite and POW Origin.

Can I get this data in DIY mode? Can I poll the device hourly and download the power consumption in the current day. Then the difference each hour would be the power consumption in the last hour.

Unfortunately, there is no open API for you to poll the device and get the hourly data:(