Sonoff B02-B-A60 Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb firmware update fails at 90%


Unable to update firmware for Sonoff B02-B-A60 Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb. It stuck on 90% and gives an error
10012c0022d. I would be grateful if somebody could advise the fix.

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Same here

the same here and on more than one bulb

Same problem here with B02-F

Same here 2 bulbs, model B02-F-A60 .
Upgrading from 1.3.2 to 1.35: Upgrade failed.
Both FW Name: WTW-SNL-02
Devices: 10012d5852, 10012d6047
Both go (slowly IMHO) up to 90% (always) then after a while, throw the error.
Sometimes (not always) the app sees the device going “offline”. I have to power off the bulb, after which it lights up again, with the old FW version.

Same problem here, for over a month now. Somewhere at 20% the lamp flashes, then it takes quite some time to reach 90% and then I get a notification that upgrade failed.
The upgrade could be a very useful one, as the lamp currently goes offline after some random time periods

Same here. I hope they’ll fix it very soon. With me it only says “Upgrading” and in few minutes it says …failed! I don’t even see any progress happening…

I have the exaxt same issue from 1.3.2 to 1.3.5. Cant update past 90%. It hangs forever and later fails

Same issue for me too. One lamp that was not used for more than a year was firmware 1.3.2. Now I cannot update to 1.3.5.
All other same lamps that got, 1.3.3 then 1.3.4, updated OK to 1.3.5.
Seems that an update cannot be performed bypassing previous firmwares.
Someone cannot go from 1.3.2 to 1.3.5 but can go from 1.3.2 to 1.3.3
This issue is well known and does not concern connection, router, wifi etc
And the worst thing of all is that if someone buys a stock lamp with old firmware then he cannot update
At least, if Sonoff is UNABLE to fix, eWeLink should give an option to bypass and not getting this annoying message of “new firmware bla bla bla… open settings bla bla bla”
Another solution could be to give an option to view and install firmwares in sequense 1.3.3 then 1.3.4 and then 1.3.5

From my observations… some Sonoff devices cannot update without any problems.
The update progresses to a certain % level and then stops and stays like that for a very long time and nothing happens. In such a situation, I wait 5-10 minutes and then disconnect the device from the power supply and plug it in again, and often it will already have the FW updated, even though no one has reached 100% from the software side.

If you have a paid plan, you can also try updating in WEB…

Same here. Exactly the same problem / same situation and process / outcome. VERY frustrating. My lamps are at stock firmware so I’m trying to get from 1.2 to 1.3.5

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same problem here… I have version 1.2.0 and gets stuck on 90%

Same issue for me too. Just bought 2 bulbs that have arrived with firmware 1.3.2. The app advises I can update to 1.3.5 but it sticks at 90% then fails.
Someone lese in the chat has observed that it’s possible to go from 1.3.2 to 1.3.3 then 1.3.4 and finally to 1.3.5 so it seems we are unable to skip previous firmware versions.
If this is the only way then eWeLink should give an option to select older firmware versions and install them in order: 1.3.2 > 1.3.3 > 1.3.4 > 1.3.5 etc to get around this issue.

@Daniel_Zhan Hey could u please take a look at this issue?

It is the update for internal test purposes, we will withdraw the OTA update. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Sorry, I didn’t get this answer. I bought two B02-F-ST64 bulds. The one of two was updated successfully to 1.3.5 version, the other one bought with version 1.2.0 and I am not able to update to 1.3.1 version, always fails at 90%. There is any solution or not? I have to return it back as malfunctioned?