Pairing B05-BL-A60 light bulb

I’m trying to pair a Sonoff B05-BL-A60 light bulb with my Redmi 8a.
I have a few other Sonoff products, and while pairing them has always been somewhat tricky, I’ve never had any significant problems.
This time tho, it’s hopeless. I don’t suppose there’s anything wrong with the light bulb, my guess is that my phone is set up in a way that interferes with the pairing process.
I’ll try and describe what I did.
I put the light bulb in pairing mode (I turn it on and off 5 times), I go to the quick pairing mode in eWeLink, and the phone finds the light bulb. I tap on it and it says Please connect your phone to device AP.
Next, it takes me to the WiFi settings. I choose ITED, type the default password (12345678), and switch back to my WiFi.
Nothing happens from here on. It doesn’t ask for a password, it doesn’t have a done button, it doesn’t say failed or succeeded, nothing happens. On other phones, it used to go ahead and register the device, but on this one, it just stays at the WiFi settings.
Does anyone know what went wrong?