Somfy Blinds connect to Sonoff

Hi All. I am trying to connect my Somfy blinds to Sonoff Switches. I would like some assistance. The blinds have 3 wires, brown, black and blue. How do I connect and to which sonoff devices ? I can’t find anything connecting Somfy blinds to sonoff switches. Thank you for your advice and assistance in advance. Regards

If you can validate with the installation manual or your vendor. Blue should be neutral, black and brown each of the directions of the motor. This by convention.

If that is the case, you can use a Sonoff Dual R3 or similar, Blue connects to N-IN, Black to LOUT1 and brown to LOUT2. Then you can configure the app correctly in case the direction of the motor goes in the opposite direction.

Hi Mario, thank you for the advice. I currently have sonoff 2 gang light switches and wanted to use these for the blinds but it seems that I will lose the light functionality if I incorporate the blindss.

T2 or T3 have only 2 amps capacity per gang, if you want to drive motors directly you only have one fifth of that capacity that is 0,4 amps due to the starting current peak where motors consume 5 times nominal consumption. You will need to use 2 gangs (for up and down directions) and set the device to interlock mode so there is no way to select up and down directions at the same time

Thank you for the prompt response. They are TX2C. So I would not be able to add lights to the switch and have the blinds share the switch ch as well?

No, cause T2 2C has 2 outputs and your motor would require both, one for each direction. So that leaves you without spare outputs to use for a light

Thank you Mario. Really appreciate your assistance and advice. New to all of this …. Regards Rob

Hi Mario. I trust you well. I have purchased a 4CHPRO3. Will I be able to attach/link 3 motorized blinds to it ?

You need 2 channels for each motor. So with the 4ch PRO you can only drive 2 motors. You also need to prevent to activate UP and DOWN direction at the same time so you will need to set the device in INTERLOCKING mode, that will allow you to operate only one motor at a time. That is if one motor blind is opening or closing, you will need to wait it ends before activating the other motor. For blinds it is much more useful to use Dual R3 that is desgined for blind motors and can even open / close the blinds partially. You will need one Dual R3 per motor.