[Solved] Scene or something, if power consumption > 50W, bulb light goes red, if power < 5W bulb light goes green or off

Please help
Do you have any idea or ready-made solution?
Using any sonoff devices
I want to turn sonoff blub light on red when my dishwasher is working
I want to turn sonoff blub light on green or ligh off when dishwasher finish

Creating a scene is not a complete solution because there is only the “if power is greater than” condition :frowning:
Now i’m talking about only about Sonof bulb B05-BL-A60 + Sonof POWR316
Bulb has no Inching Settings (option) :frowning:

You can do it with IFTTT. Create two scenes:
IF the current is above 5A THEN switch to red.
IF the current is below 1A THEN switch to green or off

thank you very much for adivse
i have used IFTTT few years ago, when it was completly free, but very little
free plan is enought to do it ?

However, I would still like to ask if anyone has an idea or a ready-made solution, please share

Today there was an update for POWR316 and now in the scene i can use it condition “if power is less than” :smiley:

i have problems with IFTTT but I will try

I have the same problem.