SNZB-02D Temperature sensore ewelink web app support

When will this device be supported in the web application? Thank you.

Hi there, this device is on the roadmap, you can expect it in April’s update :wink:

Hope in Cast too!

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hi everyone, i was hoping that the SNZB-02D device will be integrated both in the web version and in the cast with the latest version, but still not, i hope it will be integrated soon, thanks again

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the sensor is now recognized in the web part, we hope it will soon be included in the cast part, hello and thanks again

By web page are you referring to ihost web page? It is not recognised by anything else apart from IHost Zigbee. Repeating the question, when can this device be recognised in Evelink app and then useful in Google home.
Also do sonoff have any temp and humidity devices that are fully integrated into the Ewelink ecosystem???