Sharing Zigbee Bridge with others

it would be great if we could select which sensors we want to share with others.
For example, I have 6 temp. sensors on Zigbee Bridge, but want to share only one with my son so he can monitor only his room.
If not possible, then is it possible to hide sensor status on the main page of the eWeLink app? So even if I have 10 sensors, I could show/hide any of them if/when needed.
Also, it would be good to have notifications for any event. eWeLink app is very poor when it comes to notifications. It could be easily made via scenes, if nothing else. To play a custom audio file as an action.
Example: If i open the door play a prerecorded sound file on my phone which says “someone entered the house”.

I think the eWeLink cast ♨ eWeLink Cast Update Planning-V1.4 Released on December 1 | Free discussion - #48 by toni.perez.sanchez would be help, try to setup a CAST dashboard for your kids with the devices and charts that you want to share with them, without device settings and other irrelevant settings.

For customizing play sound, it’s a totally new feature called TTS, will take some time to evaluate it, lots of work need to do far as I know.

Thx for the info Yitie.
Yes, Cast is one workaround to do this, I forgot to try with it.
Also, I’m looking forward to the TTS. It will be a great feature. Will it be implemented for all eWeLink supported devices from the beginning, or just for a few of them?

We don’t have plans for TTS for now, because it’s really a huge project to achieve this.

But Alexa support customised TTS in Alexa routines, if you have a echo please have a try with account linking of eWeLink and Alexa, I think it’s what you need.

I have set several routines of TTS with Alexa, like ‘office door is open’, 'someone is in the garage’, all based on the status change of the sensors.

Thank you Yitie for your help.
I’ll try with Alexa, but I just remembered that I also have an MPD server in the house, so I’ll try to make something with that too via Home Assistant.
FYI, I’m trying to avoid adding additional devices since I already have too many of them in my home :slight_smile: