Sharing of created CASTs

It is possible to somehow share the created CAST even to a user who does not have an activated Advanced plan. When I created a CAST for my wife and daughter on a tablet that doesn’t have the Advanced plan activated, I would also have to give them my account password to view the CAST.

I believe that as long as they have the web address to the link they can access your cast


The address is and only after logging in do I get to the CAST created at , so they are out of luck without my account and password. That’s why I’m asking about sharing, so that as an admin I can assign access to the family as in the APP.

I thought that I had read somewhere that the Ewelink cast is suppose to be shareable, but don’t remember where I had seen it. sorry I couldn’t Help.

Right now the Ewelink cast is useless to me because it defaults to Canada and I live in the US.
it’s the whole *C verse *F thingy

to share the cast dashboard, you need to login your admin account on your families’ devices, the cast will keep logged in. The max limit is 5 logins.
We will consider adding a better sharing feature.

So in that case they will have to wait unless you do a better job of sharing the CAST function. I will definitely not save my admin password on their device :frowning:

That would by usefull. The dashboard sharing feature at this moment is not really an option.