Share a scene

Hi dears

I have a device share with neighbor its a main gate i try to create scene nfc tag to use by users not my family ( share home)
Its only for one device
But the tag nfs work only with me not other users
How to solve it
Thank you

Hello there, you can share the Home to your neighbor. When you share Home to an user, all scenes under the Home are shared to this user. Right now, this is the only way to share a scene.

dear , i know that with sharing home

my question is share device with other user not from my sharing home

the device is work but the scene nfc tag not working only in mine


Hi there, please kindly note that if you only share the device to your neighbor, your neighbour will have no access to the NFC scene that includes this device. You need to share the Home to your neighbour so he/she can access the NFC scene and the device will work for him/her.

If you have more questions, here is a tutorial FYI.

thank you for your support,