Scheduling eWeLink Support devices with Google Assistant

Scheduling eWeLink Support devices with Google Assistant

Google unveiled the ‘Scheduled Google Actions’ feature for Google Assistant. As a Solution Provider of Google Assistant, eWeLink has integrated with this new capability immediately.

This new feature allows you to create a one-time schedule that works once only. For example, when you are cooking, you can ask Google to turn off the cooker in 10 minutes. “Hey Google, turn off the rice cooker in 10 minutes.” Unlike routines which repeat on a regular basis, scheduled actions act upon real-time voice commands.

This new feature is a better choice for some occasional and random schedules. For example, “Turn off my bedside lamp in 30 mins.”

For eWeLink users, daily routines can be set by creating schedules. There is a limit of 8 enabled timers for each device, due to the memory size of the device. If you also often use an Android phone with Google Assistant or own a Google smart speaker, this is an alternative for you. Let Google Assistant sets more schedules for you.

Just say, “Hey Google, turn on my reading lamp at 5 AM tomorrow.”

You can ask Google to create schedules for actions in two ways.

  1. Specify the exact time you need the action to execute.

“Turn on my bedroom light at 6:00 tomorrow.”

  1. Tell Google to set a timer to perform the action.

“Turn off my bedroom light in 40 minutes.”

In case you change your mind and would like to cancel a schedule, you may use the commands like these. Then Google will ask you which one is to be canceled.

  • "Hey Google, cancel my scheduled Actions"
  • "Hey Google, remove my ’s’ schedule."

It is worth mentioning that commands without an exact time (for example, “tomorrow” or “next week”) will prompt an error from Google assistant. Please make sure you give a clear and concrete time for Google to execute your order.