Scenes not working

Hi all. I have a scene that has been working fine but has now stopped. I’ve deleted the scenes and reinstated them but they don’t seem to be working. All scenes are working normally except when they are enabled by another scene as an add action. Any ideas?

Can you provide the product model and device ID of the device in the scenario trigger condition and execution action?

Use Node-Red better

For automatically enabled scenes, it also crashes for me, the scene is enabled by another scene and it doesn’t work. Just open it for editing and save and then it works as it should (i.e. until the next day). Similarly, the scene doesn’t work if a time range is specified as Effective Period, after it is specified it works and the next day it doesn’t. The scenes that work 100% are only the ones that are set as all day and don’t turn off.

@DJackCZ yes my scenes have been behaving strangely. I had a scene that operated light switches, if 1 or 2 or 3 turns on then turn on 1 and 2 and 3. This has worked fine for a year, then started playing up. That has now started working again with no intervention from me.

Recently there was a problem with the RF bridge in conjunction with scenes, any one RF button triggered all active scenes with RF. That was something.