Scene Delay function on Ihost

maybe I am missing something basic, but I don’t get it to work!

which I thought was a straight on programming does not seems to work.
For me the “delay” function is what it says; delay next step for x time.
However in my opinion the delay function is not working.

Scene on
if Humidly = between 80% and 90% ; mini r4 ON
(this works ok)

Scene off
if humidly = between 40 and less or equal 79% ; delay 5 min , mini r4 off

the delay part does not have any effect as if the humidly goes under the 80% the mini r4 turns off directly.
I want a fan work some time more just to regulate the room.
OK I know that I can put the % lower but I want this scene to work with a presence sensor as well.

Any ideas what I am missing?