iHost Scenes Running Order

I have several unconnected scenes that are scheduled to run at the same time (07:00 every day). The scenes are exactly the same the only difference being that each scene has a different smart devices in the IF and THEN fields. Each of those scenes introduces a 10 second delay in the THEN Functions. What I’ve noticed is:

  1. The scenes run in the order that they are laid out on the iHost Scenes Page. With the scene in the top left hand corner being the first scene to run.
  2. The next Scene in order will not run until the previous scene has run.
    So in the case of my 07:00 scenes each with the 10 seconds delay the next in order doesn’t run until 10 seconds after the previous.
    To me this indicates that iHost is only capable of running 1 scene at a time.
    Would be interested to hear other iHost users experiences with this.

We tested the scene configuration you mentioned.
Multiple scene with same time as trigger and a switch as operation.
Add a 10 seconds delay before every operation.

Whether you look at the device response or the scene logs, they execute almost simultaneously without the 10-second delay you mentioned.

Is it possible that this is due to the latency of the devices?
Can you paste the screenshot of your scenes?

Hi SuiKa

Thank you for reaching out. The set up that I am using is 4 x TRVZBs with each to control 1 channel of a 4CH PRO so that when TRVZB goes into ‘Heating’ status the assigned 4CH PRO channel relay operates. The TRVZBs are set so that every day at 07:00 in the smart schedule the target set at temperature is higher than before 07:00. This should cause the TRVZB to change from ‘Keeping’ to ‘Heating’. I have included screenshots of the 4 ‘Heating’ Scenes and the ‘Keeping’ scenes are similar but they turn the assigned 4CH PRO channel OFF. In each scene I have repeated the THEN command 3x with 5 seconds between to give more reliability of the command being delivered to the 4CH PRO channel. I have also included screenshots of the operation logs for each scene at around 07:00 on 2024-03-28 and the operation logs from the TRVZBs for the same time period. The operation logs from the TRVZBs do not show when the status changes from ‘Keeping’ to Heating.
Thanks for your assistance

It doesn’t look like it’s the scene that’s causing the delay in scene device execution, but rather the change from KEEPING to HEATING by auto mode of TRVZB itself has some kind of delay.

Thank you for investigating this. I am going to raise another topic for TRVZB/ iHost status.