Save schedules of a group of devices with a name


Sonoff channels can be scheduled to turn on and off at a given time of any given weekdays.

Such schedules can be turned ON or OFF, meaning that the OFF schedule implies that it won’t trigger the status change.

Well, I’d like to program multiple alternative schedules and save the program with a name.

Here’s one of many examples why I’d like to do so:

I use many sonoff devices (single and 4ch) to water my garden. It’s a complex series of schedules: at a given time the pump goes on, first zone goes on then after 60 mins it goes off, then second zone goes on for 30 mins then off, and so forth for many zones. Then the pump goes off.

Everything is scheduled and works just fine!

In case of forecasted rain I turn off the “Go ON” schedule of the main pump, so that all other channels become negligible.

Yet, while I water the garden mostly every night during summer, I’d like to reduce the frequency in case of cold weather. And when the summer is almost over if like to start watering in the morning, rather than at night.

Everytime I need to change the schedules I have to overwrite my previous programs (and regularly regret the day after!!).

So it would be super convenient if I could save my “hot summer schedule”, my “expected light rain schedule” and my "autumn onset schedule "…