📱[Rolling with new releases ]eWeLink App Updates

Given that the iHost can create dashboards and they can be seen (+/- Tailscale) on small screens this is not a huge problem, although

  1. 5 is far too few dashboards: how many rooms are we limited to in the App? 5 is just not enough if you want them to be useful on small screens.
  2. need to trigger 3rd party services such as Olisto somehow. With IFTTT you could make a Webhook and use node red to request a URL. In services such as Olisto their is no webhook.

It’s limited ok for me but not for a general user like my wife or son, they aren’t make magics with vpn etc to access to zigbee devices directly.

TailScale uses split tunnelling so it only works for IP addresses beggining in 100, which means you can just leave it on unless you want to use another VPN. You just need to log into TailScale on their phones once and leave a bookmark.

I found Webhook on Olisto. They just have another name. Something like Connections.

Better optimization of the app for Android, especially 7 and weaker CPU/low RAM. Currently, the app is becoming heavier and less stable from version to version.

Add sending Intent per device/scene.

missing features…

1.Real time monitoring (power, voltage & current) for POWR3 on browser
2. New Web is worst than old one, please give option to go back to older version.
3. I have paid for the premium web access mainly to watch consumption on real-time, now their is no point of paying and getting the web access it seems.


Should it be possible to have NsPannel Pro actions (as example ‘Turn On and Off’ of the Ns Pannel Pro) as trigger of a scene ? This could be used as example to turn off the heating system when the NsPannel Pro is turned off. Currently turning off the NsPannel Pro does not switch off the heating system but is only no more sending any command to the heating system.

Thanks in advance.

Hi. As NSPanel Pro does not feature a relay, implementing the ‘Turn On and Off’ function is not supported. However, to control scenes on NSPanel Pro, you can create a manual scene in the app, setting ‘Tap to perform’ as the trigger. Then, synchronize this manual scene to NSPanel Pro, allowing you to control the corresponding scene seamlessly on the device.

Check how to sync scenes: https://youtu.be/ryK9brmXcyQ?si=PxZQE-wTfjGTwYiD

Hi. Thanks for your feedback. I understand the tip which is indeed operational even if less efficient as 3 actions have to be done instead of one : turn off the thermostat, swipe to the scene screen and click on the button to activate the manual scene to turn off the heating system (the device configured in the Ns Pannel Pro to turn on and off heating system). Still unclear for me the benefit of having a Thermostat disabled leaving the heating system ON… If no use case, the disabling of the thermostat should sent ONCE a turn off command to the heating system.


Is there any provision for the ewelink cube to perform scenes with the swiping actions of the TX ulimate switch buttons?

Thanks for the explanation. We have noted the suggestion down and our team will evaluate it later.

If the device is offline does the scene on the cloud retry after a bit and if so how many times? I think it would be nice for people to have some control over how many retries there are. You can do this yourself locally in Node Red on the iHost or with the Home Assistant integration. There is even a specific ‘retry’ integration in home assistant that makes it easy.

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A benefit I would hope is that the thermostat function runs locally, thus if you turn off the power to the device it can’t send an OFF signal. Maybe it doesn’t run locally though and they could send an off signal from the cloud?

… Adding the “Intent” function to the eWeLink Android application.

What would that do?

  • This would allow the ewelink application to communicate directly with applications such as MacroDroid which, among other things, can listen to the incoming specific “Intent” and use it as a trigger for further automation.

What scope would “Intent” have to meet?

  • eWeLink application had to send specific intent per device and its current state. In a similar way as it is implemented in the “UDP Monitor” application, where the application sends a specific intent containing an individual message on the basis of which it is very easy to create triggers in Macrodroid.

Having intent in the ewelink application would allow for easy, configurable communication within the OS between applications. It would be perfect if ewelink was able to listen to intents coming to it, but it would be enough if it was able to send intents.

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Сам використовую MakroDroid в поєднанні з ewelinк для отримання голосових повідомлень про певні події. Використовую на телефоні і на планшеті на якому постійно увімкненим ewelink cast. Але поєднання цих програм не дуже зручне !!! Особливо проблеми з планшетом. Я створив додатковий акаунт і поділився з ним всіма пристроями, але нажаль відсутня функція " поділитись пуш повідомленнями ", через що у не можливе озвучування подій при спрацюванні сценаріїв де увімкнені пуш повідомлення.

Unfortunately, many things are missing in ewelink, which causes many complications in automation.

There is no need to power off the thermostat to ensure that the thermostat is not sending instructions to the heating system as there is a button on the thermostat (active/inactive) which should be used for this.

The limitation I see is that when I clikc on the disable button of the Thermostat, the heating system is not stopped. Normally when you turn off a thermostat, the heating system should be stopped and not stay in the last status (as example : electric heating system turned on for ever…)

Turn of the power of the thermostat is also not an option as in this case, it is impossible to power the device on remotely so remote control is no more possible.

That is odd but I suspect you can automate this action by installing Node Red onto an always ON computer or on the NSPP if you are already in developer mode:
Switching from Auto to Manual can trigger if it occurs on a smart Thermostatic Radiator Valve but that isn’t an option for TH devices.
Here explains how to add the NSPP to Node Red

If switching from auto to manual is an available trigger then you can just trigger the heater turning off.
I agree it shouldn’t need to be done though.

I feel it’s worth pointing out to Apple users who may be waiting patiently for this update… over one week on (9 days later), it’s still not available in the App Store - v.2.5.1 is still the latest current release available.

@emma23 Please can you edit the posts to include ‘known issues/bugs’ which have been fixed with this release?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding. Apple users can look forward to the release of eWeLink APP 5.3 at the end of January. We’ll provide updates in subsequent posts to keep Apple users informed about the release schedule. Our release notes will highlight important function optimizations and the introduction of new features. If there are critical bugs fixed, we’ll also consider including them in the later posts.

Hi, would be a great feature for Android app, if the desktop widget could be personalized to allow showing (instead of the switch to operate the single device and its current state) the value of the device you are interested to (for example, temperature, or Power consumption), refreshed in RealTime. Also the Will be great of the App too could be personalized in device showing, to have a single desired value (for example Power consumption) also showed in main view and refreshed in RealTime (as already happens for temperature in THR320D device). thanks you all and keep up this good work. Alex