RGB outdoor Sensors that are able to replicate, inside, the beauty of daylight or sunset

Ok so i have been wanting to have say 3 RGB sensors pointing skyward that take samples of the ACTUAL colours of the sky. So in the early morning the indoor (mine are Nanoload, Matter, Thread.16.8m colour spectrum capable smart downlights)

Nanoleaf make their Nanoleaf 4D | Screen Mirror Camera whis is doing from being pointed at the screen and then replicating all capable lights to mimic what is being beamed out from the LED TV. So basically some of those sensors that are IP68 and have the appropriate lenses to take an accurate however broad sample of the sky. Even lightning in a storm would be cool. then the downlights ramping up from (off/dark) in time with the actual sunrise…

Obviously these would be scheduled for “when the mood arises” not as a permanent 24x7 thing.

I have explained this solution to many people and they have also thought of the good that this replication of the good feelings we feel when the sky puts on a show or a tantrum/storm…

What do you people think of this? Its basically already been designed, the Nanoleaf 4D cameras just need modification to do that job but broader viewing than the 16:9 crisp, panel output.

Ps Sonoff, WHY CANT ITEAD make a full colour smart downlight? i had so much trouble getting the nanoleaf ones to kinda work harmoniously with Zigbee or Sonoff presence sensors.
](Nanoleaf 4D | Screen Mirror Camera and Smart LED Lightstrip)

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