Light color temperature

I would like to add some light bulbs in the entrance of the house with the possibility to set the color temperature based on the outside light. Is there a color temperature sensor that can analyse and pass this data to the ewelink app or, at least, to node red in order to create this automation?

I suspect you can add some other brand front door cameras to an iHost and then calculate the average brightness of all the pixels in Node Red but my front door camera is incompatible. To get it to work in Home Assistant I had to open a google developer account.
I’m not aware of a Sonoff branded device with light sensing of the granularity you need.
An alternative is to investigate light measurements in LoRaWAN devices as you could then use its hub to create MQTT messages, which could be read in Node Red but I never read on light sensing in LoRaWAN, but it has a big agriculture bent so I suspect they are there. Not a cheap option unless you have another excuse for needing lOngRAnge devices in general though.

Found this post related to Node-Red that may meet your need:

Thanks… that’s one solution that I was looking for. Very software oriented, so it will not take into consideration many possible variables (perturbations etc etc) but this can be a solution