R5 in scenes to combine with other conditions

Why is there no possibility to have R5 actions Clicked, Double-clicked, and Long-pressed used in a scene condition with other conditions?

I.e. to have multiple options with “all conditions are met” or “any condition is met”?

E.g. I plan to use R5 with motor mode in DualR3 to know whether a motor is stopped or running…


Hey, @Daniel_Zhan any possible that you know why?

Any response @yitie or @Daniel_Zhan?

We will update the eWeLink APP to support this feature.
Please wait for the next following update.

Thx for your report.

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@Daniel_Zhan, any update for this feature support?

We have evaluated your feature request, If you pair the R5 with DUALR3 and then set up a smart scene for the trigger, it is a local scene. Once the DUALR3 receives the R5 signal, it will be triggered which does not go through the cloud.

Thus, we finally decided not to implement this feature as it may confuse other users.

Thanks for your understanding.

Thank you for your reply.

I understand the challenge behind it.