Pushbutton function needed

It’ll be awesome if you can configure your smart module (like Mini R2 PRO) to work with a pushbutton, instead of switch…

Actual Problem
If you use a pushbutton instead of normal switch, when you long press the button (1-1,5 seconds) it turns on/off instead of turning on or turning off… In short, it changes the state 2 times with 1 press.

That can be reached if there’s an option like “Rest Time after Switch”, where you can set 1 sec, 2 sec… So, after the eWeLink receive the command, it’ll ignore all commands for the next 1 sec or 2 sec…

I’d like to loop @Daniel_Zhan from SONOFF to evaluate this request.

The MINIR4 supports the eWeLink Remote so you can use the R5 as a push button.
Please refer to this product.

But I think you can solve the push button problem in Mini R2 PRO with a software solution… It’s not viable for who have brought Mini R2 PRO to buy a new MINIR4 only because of that…

There is an external switch mode option in the device setting, you can configure it as “pulse mode” which is designed for the push button. In general use, the press is less than 1 second.

Would you please share with us the scenario that needs long-press the button up to 1-1.5s, thanks

But if I configure it as pulse mode, it’ll turn off immediately after realeasing the button, I want it to keep on…

The scenario:

I’ve a control box which controls all motors from my pool, filter, heater, led and whirlpool…

They’re all controlled by Mini’s R3

I’ve to use a push button because sometimes I turn it on by app and turn it off by pressing it

If I had a normal button, it wouldn’t “sync” the press state with actual state, that’s why I used a push button, because it’ll be always depressed.

Please use such push button switch


It won’t fit in my command box… Take a look in the picture that I posted above