Disable S1/S2 for a certain amount of time

Greetings! In hotel rooms’ balconies, I utilize mini R4m switches to illuminate facades. These switches are connected to push buttons, allowing guests to control the lights individually. Is there a method to temporarily disable push button control (s1/s2) for a specific duration? Thank you in advance.

I don’t think there’re any; correct me if anyone know

A workaround could be an automation when it detects states change, it would toggle the light back. Or use the inch feature.

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What is the purpose of temporary disabling?

Physical switches cannot be disabled.

In MINIR4M and MINIR4 you can disconnect the physical switch in the ewelink application (minir4m settings, switch mode; disconnect relay)

Disabling manual switches would enable me to keep all the lights on, especially during peak crowd times in the area.

That would work for me if I could give a duration to that fuction.

I would disconnect (detach relay) each Mini R4 S1/S2 from L(out)/N. Than I would create a smart scene for each Mini R4 that would reconnect each S1/S2 to L(out)/N via software adding its effective period.

Thank you for your answer. That would work for me. How could I achieve that? Would it be possible withing ewelink app?

No. You should use the app