Problem with the Zigbee Bridge

I install the Zigbee bridge the first time with no issue… all was working ok … After i move the bridgeto an othet location the problem start
Device are " offline "… i move it back remaining
" offline " … i rest all to Factory setting …
after that … i can’t pair it more to my network …

any idea ?


May I know what is the error code displayed on the pairing failure page?

Thx for your reply … it was code 6101…
i try this morning again , but with an Anroid Phone … before IOS … i manage it …
i don’t know its about the OS … or your Server … really no idea … but it work now

:cold_sweat::man_shrugging: almost a day trying… make me upset

wish to have all stable working

Not set mesh nor smart connect to assure that 2.4Ghz are working , not 5Ghz.
I just pair all sonoff and other manufactured devices.