Outdoor Eye Gk-200bf6d rtsp issue

The rtsp is not working, and belive firmware issue.

Hello there, may I know your device ID as well as the current firmware version of your camera?

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the response,
Device id a63001dbdd
Fw GK-200BF6D

The rstp works fine with the indoor camera on same network, tried with multiple devices. Reported to supplier but haven’t had a response

Hi there, this model(GK-200BF6D) actually doesn’t support RTSP.

Hi, rtsp was in the settings main reason of purchase

Could you provide a screenshot to show us the rtsp settings for GK-200BF6D? Thank you:)

I have the same issue.
There is RTSP setting in the camera menu in the Ewelink app, but the generated link doesn’t work.

It was one the reasons to buy the camera to use RTSP.
Also recorded videos cannot be downloaded from camera to my phone via Ewelink app. All permissions are set correctly.