Outdoor Eye Camera (Ewelink) - No push notifications from app


I am using the eWeLink Outdoor Eye Camera (Outdoor Eye Camera (Ewelink)) - FW Name JZ-200BF6D

The issue is the eWeLink app push notification is not working when motion is detected, however the video is recorded and the alarm sounds.

I am on V4.26.3 of the eWeLinkApp, my phone is on Android V12. The app has full access and notification permissions.

Any ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi there, have you submitted the support ticket in eWeLink App? Please submit a ticket with your log, so that will help us locate the issue asap. Thank you:D

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the response.

I have logged a support ticket with the app. This is the corresponding ID - 169855

Let me know if you need anything further?



Hey there, our support team will check out the issue and get back to you later. Thanks for your patience.