Opentherm in Thermostat (EU)

In the Netherlands we have central heating boilers that often communicate with the thermostat using Opentherm protocol. Unfortunately, most thermostats that have apps only have an on/off function. Is it possible to make a thermostat with opentherm protocol?

That will never happen, their thermostats are prehistoric. Do yourself a favour and buy a decent thermostat with opentherm that is chronologic. I’ve been using the NSPANEL and NSPANEL pro for thermostats and they a awful :disappointed:

It strikes me that all Chinese thermostats are prehistoric. Some people have a Modbus connection, but my boiler cannot use that. It would be really nice if @Sonoff makes a thermostat that works on opentherm and modulates.

I am using TH16 and it works great already several years. I attached the temp sensor to the boiler and other temp sensitive devices that I have and control it according the the real time temperature. Do not forget to add a relay in case you need to drive high current device.

So I don’t want a situation with an on/off principle. This concerns a CV. boiler. Opentherm takes care of the central heating. boiler modulated. That is not possible with an on/off system

Also there is no anticipation, it waits for a temperature to drop below a set point instead of seeing ‘it’s going to drop below the set point in 10 minutes I will anticipate this and switch on’ to give a much better heat curve