NSPANEL Wallpaper

Hello all friends of the channel, I’m new here
I recently bought an NSPANEL and after upgrading to version 1.4.0,
I would like to know how to put a custom Wallpaper on my panel
How can I create and insert a wallpaper in NSPANEL?

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With eWeLink app you can’t. Unfortunately. The selection of ready wallpapers is extremely limited. Just two of them. The choice is the one without a cat or the one with a cat. I like the latter more :pouting_cat:

Hmm, yeah would be a good feature to add custom wallpapers… or at least more options…

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I raised this a month or so ago, the wall paper on 1.3… was far better, they just look tacky now, would be nice if they were just gradient colours light one for day time and dark one for night time

Kind of embarrassed to show people the panels now


They’re kind of tacky, indeed.

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