NSPanel - ewelink web app

Hi Everyone…
I recently join eWeLink Web to manage my devices, but NSPANEL show as “Not Suported”… but it’s works on Android without problems.
Do you know when the device will be supported on Web App??? (Device: 100156c3c6)
And in another question, when firmware 1.2.0 will be available to adjust the temperature? (Is 2 degrees above real)
And the last question, the NSPANEL always respond with a 50% of humidy, the HW came with the sensor or just always said 50%??? and the sensors doesn’t come with the HW.


We tried to support NSPanel in the late April release.
1.2.0 version firmware is expected to be released in the next two or three weeks.
NSPanel not support humidy, and don’t have any HW sensor for humidy

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Thanks @Alexie for your answers…