NSPanel PROs - missing "Voice Call" button on one

Hi, I have to NSPanel PROs, one is set as Gateway and the other one as Router. I’m missing “Voice Call” button on the first one installed, the Gateway. Both are having the latest version V 2.3.0, image below. I can see there is a similar topic “Nspanel pro call each other” but for an older version.

When you add a second device, by default it adds the first device to its contact list, so you see a call icon. However, at this point, the second device is not in the first device’s contact list, so you won’t see the call icon on the first device’s screen.
What you need to do is go back to the app, select the first device’s details screen, select the ‘Device’ icon, then select the appropriate screen. Next select the second device to add it to your contacts list. Once the device is saved, you will see it on the home screen. I hope so :slight_smile:

Hi, that worked, thanks.