NSPanel Pro: LAN scripts not working

Good day!
The problem is that scenes marked as LAN do not work. The devices are connected to NSPanel PRO. Sensor SNZB-2, relay ZBMINI
I create the scene:

  1. scripts: when reaching 22 degrees - turn on the relay.
  2. scripts: when reaching 23 degrees - turn off the relay.
    The script is marked as LAN and the script fails.
    If I reconnect the SNZB-2 to ZBBridge and the relay remains connected to the NSPanel PRO then the script works.
    Also, if you add Push notifications to the first script, then the script will also work, but then the LAN marking disappears.
    This problem was in the first versions of the ZBBridge-P firmware.
    Please correct.
    Best wishes!

Hi there,

Would you please attach a video for further check?