NSPanel Pro - improved RTSP camera integration

Just wanted to say thanks! The integration of cameras with RTSP looks and feels so much better. In 1.7.0 there is even the option to toggle the aspect ratio. And switching performs really well. :hearts:


it is a pity that npanel pro does not display the rtsp signal with sound. please fix this problem.

@Daniel_Zhan and i are following the RTSP audio issue, working on a schedule for it, aimed in July but not solid.


Hello. i installed npanel pro v1.10.1 updates. the sound from the camera appears but the image is frozen. no live image.

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Hello, please follow the steps below to submit your feedback, and we will find a solution as soon as possible.

  1. Click to enter the RTSP camera monitoring screen. Wait for a while.

  2. Continuously enter and exit the RTSP camera multiple times.

  3. After performing these actions, go to “Settings” → “About” → “Feedback” and click on “Submit”.

  4. Please let us know when you are done and leave your device id

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I sent in the messenger app

I have the same error here. The camera image freezes after a while. I’ve already contacted support. But the error remains. The RTSP player does not recognize the still image. Perhaps an auto reconnect function would solve the problem. E.g. automatically restart the RTSP stream every 5 minutes.
Videosize VGA, Framerate 5, H.264, or H265. Freezes. It doesn’t matter whether the RTSP stream comes directly from the camera or from the Ethernet NVR.

all Firmware Versions.