NSPanel fw: 1.2.0 background annoying

Since fw version 1.2.0 my NSPanel have a light background, and info can’t be read it.
Here, the standart is that light switches has to be installed about 1 meter about floor.
And, as you can see in the pictures… the inner temp is unreadable, same as the hour.

There is a way to:
1.- Change de background to the darkest one?
2.- How can downgrade to fw version 1.1.1.



We will feed back your suggestions to the SONOFF team to see if we can make improvements in the next version (V1.3.0 or V1.4.0), such as providing more home page images for users to choose

Thanks Alexie for your answer…
I’ll look forward for this in the next fw releases.

Best regards.

I’m also looking forward to these changes. Unable to read information in NSPanel.

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Hello Alexie,

I reported the very same problem back in Jun/22 in support@itead.cc, and they told me that would be forwarding the “suggestion” (sic) to market dept.

Well, version 1.3.1 is now installed in our devices, and we are still stuck with this dysfunctional background. Is there any roadmap for when we will be able to go back at least to the initial experience?