Newbie:/.... am I that wrong? NSpanel with tuya lamp possible?

Hi, I was naive and thought I could comfortably steer my tuya smart ceiling lights with NSpanel. But now I see it’s not that easy.

Therefore my amateur question. Is it possible in any way to make it work in any way to get a tuya widget running on NSpanel to operate my lights?

If yes, what is needed? What do I need to look into?

Thanks for helping me :wink:

The straight answer would be “no, it’s not”. Now tell us how did you connect your lights to a network. Are they Zigbee devices or WiFi or Matter?

I think there is a Node Red palette for Tuya, but my experience with Tuya is that it can be a pain and you might need a (free) Tuya developers account. You can then run Node Red on the NSPP and create a virtual switch on Node Red and synchronise the real switch and the virtual switch. Virtual switches appear on the iHost so I think probably the NSPP widget option too. If not the Tuya Switch can be displayed by Node Red on the NSPP web page.
Try creating a virtual switch on the NSPP (I think there is a video) and see if it is an option for the widgets. If it is then that is quite easy (apart from the Tuya developer annoyance).

Thanks for your answers :). The devices are directly connected via wifi. I currently consider buying iHost 4gb to cover a bigger range of devices ( I have a lot of them) . I started of using Alexa the first day it has arrived. The result is a ton of different systems (homatic thermostats, tuya, ewelink, and so on and son on. It’s a mess!) But I’m not able to make a clean cut . . It’s not that easy…,

But maybe iHost isn’t the solution too and I should use android based NSpanel pro instead…

I need to confess that I’m totally lost do not have much knowledge about all that stuff. I never had the chance to start in a clean way using one system instead the mess I’m currently sitting on . :slight_smile: . It’s like firefighting all the time.

Maybe I should hope for the better when matter arrives.

And they are connected to which platform via WiFi?

And they are connected to which platform via WiFi?

From your description, it seems that you are lost in the world of IoT. For now, don’t buy anything new! Definitely don’t buy an iHost! NSPanel Pro (with or without Android) won’t solve your problems either and don’t buy it as well. At least for the time being. Otherwise, you will only add to the confusion.