「NEW feature arrival」Meet eWeLink Cast and let us know your ideas

Not yet, we planned to bring the charts with the power monitoring devices to the CAST together, not just the ON/OFF function, so time needed to do the integration work.

Lights and sensors will be go live in the next version V1.1.0 which expected launch in the early September, while power monitoring devices are on the V1.2.0 to-do list.

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thank you for your quick reply and all your assume work you are doing to keep this product alive so far it has been fun to learn and implement into my smart home conversion and not having to look for and try to find different devisees that work to gather.

again thank you for all your hard work


Happy you like it, free to let us know any ideas you may have, cheers.

Hey folks, @dgg006 @biladen.1993 @mrgagreer @HD-GROUP @djbthomson
new version 1.1 released, check it here and have a try.

Hi there, iFAN devices were supported in the new release,try it out :sunglasses:

I see Zigbee temp sensors are now supported, thank you for that will the ability to change them from C to F come in a future update?

also would like to be able to enlarge the numbers for the temp readout a bit if that could be in a future update.

Thanks in advance

The unit of the CAST is inherited from the setting of the app, maybe there is a sync issue of the units, loop @Teki to further check.

And would you please place a screenshot of this readout issue? Thanks.

Here are three screen shots of what i was saying.
Thanks for all your hard work and all you are doing with this project.

Happy you like it, I see the reading issue you faced and will try to find a way to make it better displayed, but the tiles in the CAST are limited by the framework.


I az like see and set the NSpanel thermostat function on cast site. I think, this is will be the best function in the future! It is possible?

Best regards,

I found that when I log into my Ewelink cast page it defaults to Canada and not USA when I put +1 in the location tab, Canada uses *C for temp, in the US we use *F.

My question is there a way to make it default to US and not Canada?


Hi George,
For now cast show only *C for all locations, It doesn’t matter if it shows US or Canada, the system can identify your account.
We’ll add the *F request to our to-do list.

Is there any possibility to add Spanish to the “eWelink Cast” languages?

As you see in posts temperature is displayed only with units may I suggest that it would be better if the measured value will be displayed with decimal.

@yitie and @Teki,

Will the next version of Cast has Buttons to trigger actions ?
Like manual scenes ( “tap to perform” ), but with none action, as @djbthomson suggested.

I am looking for a way to interate manually with the NodeRed, with status, like control a device.

Can the future graphs be made using NodeRed outputs?

Hey Julhio, for now, the web-based CAST and the CAST app for Android tablet have the tiles for trigger manual scenes, as for a “button” linked to NodeRed, would you please detail it for better evaluation, thanks in advance.

Closed this topic and let’s continue our discussion on the one up there to keep all in one thread.